How to Fix Added Blank Line in Files Downloaded from FTP

Yesterday, I want to edit my css and php file in my webhosting. I use Filezilla as FTP client and Notepad++ as editor. When I try to edit the file, there is something weird with my file. All my downloaded files both css and php, gain extra blank line between every existing code line! I'm sure that … [Read more...]

How to Edit Sidebar Content in New Google Sites

Today, I visit my old website on It was my first website that I built a long time ago. I'd like to update my sidebar because there is dead link to my other website. Unfortunately, It's not easy to find the sidebar editor menu. It looks like Google has change editor menu in Google … [Read more...]

Get RSS Feed for Twitter Search, Status, and Favorite

Here is the easy way to get RSS Feed for Twitter search, status, favorite, and hashtag. Use code below in your RSS reader and replace XXXX with twitter ID (without @). For twitter search feed, replace the word after ?q= with your own keyword. Don't forget to use '+' sign to replace spaces. … [Read more...]