How to Change Default Favicon in Genesis Theme

After install Genesis framework and child theme for this site, the first thing I want to do is change its default favicon to my own favicon. Besides for website branding, I want to help my visitor to recognize this site quickly, especially, if their open many tab in browser and want to back to this site.

favicon techniji

Here are 3 methods to change your default Genesis favicon. You can choose which one that easy for you.

Method 1: Manually upload your favicon using FTP

1. Create your favicon using adobe Photoshop in .png format and then convert it to .ico using this tool. And name it as favicon.ico
2. Open your FTP software. If you don’t have it, you can try my favorite FTP client and Free, Filezilla.
3. Open Genesis image folder: public_html > [yourwebsiteroot] > wp-content > themes > genesis > images

upload genesis favicon via FTP

4. Replace default Genesis favicon with your newly created favicon. If you want keep the default favicon, you can rename it to different name like faviconORI.ico before upload your new favicon.
5. Do step 3 with Genesis child theme favicon in public_html > [yourwebsiteroot] > wp-content > themes > [your child theme] > images.

Method 2: Using favicon uploader plugin

1. Install the Genesis favicon uploader plugin.
2. After activated the plugin, go to Genesis > Upload Favicon.
3. Upload your new favicon.ico

Genesis Favicon Uploader

Method 3: Using PHP script

1. Open your Genesis child theme’s function.php (Appearance > Editor > functions.php)
2. Add below script

3. Save

After change default Genesis favicon with yours, you need to clear your browser cookies and history to see your new favicon. Or you can ask your friend to check your favicon from different computer.

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