How to Edit Sidebar Content in New Google Sites

Today, I visit my old website on It was my first website that I built a long time ago. I’d like to update my sidebar because there is dead link to my other website. Unfortunately, It’s not easy to find the sidebar editor menu. It looks like Google has change editor menu in Google sites. Every time I click the “page edit” icon, it’s only show the page content editor, Not the sidebar menu editor.

link to page editor only

After explored all link and menu, finally I found the way to access new Google site sidebar editor menu. I’ll shows you how to do it,

How to change sidebar content in New Google Sites

1. Click “More” in top right > Edit site layout. Or you can use shortcut SHIFT + L
Go to Google site sidebar editor

2. Enable sidebar in the top menu
enable editing

3. Hover your mouse over sidebar and click to edit.
– click the pencil icon to edit sidebar width or change position
– click the plus (+) icon to add items to the sidebar
– click the plus (x) icon to remove items from the sidebar

edit the sidebar

4. After editing, click ‘Close’ button in the top right to exit the Layout editor menu.

close menu editor


  1. god bless ye, sir. I killed 45 minutes looking for this. And of course, now it seems obvious, but thank you!

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